Blog #1 Divorce Surprise

I’ve never done a Blog before. (I confess I had to look up a YouTube Video on how to do it!) I’m divorced…and I gather you may be as well, or maybe considering it if you’re looking at divorce blogs. A little over a year ago my friend Joanne (Jo) and I started a website full of videos on divorce. Even though we had little to no experience with video production, we were compelled by the desire to share our experience. We felt like if the two of us, both capable and strong women, could fall apart and put ourselves back together over the process of a divorce, then we had something worth capturing The journey I went through surprised me, at every turn. Some good surprises, but mostly bad. I was surprised at how fearful and timid I was given my history of decisiveness. I was surprised by what information I needed to gather to make things happen, when I’m normally so organized. And I was really surprised by how my friends and family reacted, even though they could tell I was unhappy. So today I launch this blog, in hopes of connecting and sharing what I learned….the hard way. Hopefully some of it will make your process a little easier.