If you already have a business idea want to get started with development, VentureMom can help. We don’t believe in lengthy business plans or in borrowing money to start a business. VentureMom offers a three step course to get you going. This course keeps it simple. You’ll define your business, build a brand, and tell the world. It’s that easy.

Do you love to cook? Is putting together an outfit for every occasion your talent? Can you house train a new puppy in record time? Do you love to tutor children? Do you have a skill, talent or love?

Have you created a product that others covet? Do you design jewelry for yourself that others want? Are you an artist and want to sell your work? Do you make amazing cookies, granola bars, spiced nuts and with you could get them placed in Whole Foods?

Link here to turn that skill, talent or love into a business. VentureMom Idea to Income Quick Start.