Making the decision to get divorced is difficult.  Only you know whether it's the right path for you.  In the hopes of making this process easier to navigate, here are some thoughts and suggestions that may help:

Divorce is a HUGE decision. It changes, friends, finances.  The grass is not always greener, but it can provide the opportunity for tremendous personal growth and new beginnings.

Often it's not clear whether you're marriage is going through a rough patch or if it's time to move on.  Watch our episodes on making the decision. 

Consult a financial adviser, preferably a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, before making your decision.  Understanding your DETAIL...will be invaluable.  Watch our episodes with Loretta Hutchinson for more on this.

Think through all the changes that will occur in your world when you get divorced.  Watch our episode on the 10 Things No One Tells You About Divorce.

If you are in an abusive relationship, proceed with great caution and seek help from qualified experts who can help you create a safe exit plan.  Watch our episode on Domestic Violence for more information and links to additional resources.

If infidelity is the reason you're considering divorce we recommend watching our episodes on infidelity before making any decisions.

If getting divorced will mean returning to work, think about taking proactive steps to prepare for that.  Watch our episode on Getting Back to Work for some ideas on how to start that process.  

If divorce is the path you choose, we recommend watching our entire series...we hope that understanding the issues and knowing what questions to ask will make your journey a little easier.

With love and support,

Barb and Jo